Top 5 Most Expensive Whiskey Bottles in the World

Whiskey is a popular libation, and like many other adult beverages, can be bought at many different price ranges. The liquor's cost isn't always about the quality of the drink itself, but sometimes the bottle's construction itself. We scoured the internet to look to see what bottles might break the bank. Here are the top five most expensive whiskey bottles in the world.

A Brief Note About Whiskey

The first version of the word "whiskey" was an old version of a classical Gaelic word that meant water. While modern consumers of the fermented grain mash may not drink it with the same frequency as its transparent counterpart, it's enjoyed by millions of people every year. It's an excellent beverage for all occasions, whether you're reading a book, watching TV or even checking your forex trading

Okay, this particular price tag may be due to the container it comes in. Over 8,500 diamonds and 300 rubies encrust the decanter. The bottle is the epitome of luxury. You can customise the design to add a personalised touch to this single malt whiskey.

Unlike the previous contender, this is less about the bottle and more about the whiskey inside. The decanter is crystal, and the six-litre highland single-malt whiskey inside was aged in Spanish oak. The flavour is “incredibly complex and intense”. Macallan M is the epitome of craftsmanship, with over 150 years of dedication to the product.

In 2010, a bottle of this whiskey was an item at a charity auction. The final bid was almost £300,000. In terms of the drink inside, it's a combination of three different whiskeys also aged in Spanish oak. Macallan 64 combines the best of the two pricier contenders- an elegant bottle and a high-quality product inside.

Only twelve bottles of this particular whiskey exist. One was at a Singapore airport, and a hotel patron almost completely consumed another at a hotel bar. The whiskey inside the bottle is 62 years old, so the platinum and crystal bottle only adds to the experience. Collectors of iconic elixirs might want to snag this bottle if they can. 

There is only one bottle of this whiskey available for direct sale. The mixture of spirits inside is over a century old and tastes like liquid gold. With notes of mango and citrus, it's supposed to be useful as a dessert companion. With a poultry price tag of £100,000, why not grab one of these for a dinner party. All jokes aside, it took the distiller over twenty years to formulate the mixture, so its cost is a product of how much work went into it.

Is it Worth the Price Tag?

If you're a big whiskey drinker and have the cash to do so, it might be worth your while to seek one of these bottles out. Most people don't quite have that much money lying around, so a decent bottle from your local store might be more up your alley. It's fun to dream, though.